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The Most Versatile Sports and Travel Waist Pack

Hope to enjoy an active lifestyle without the hassle of juggling your phone and keys? Need something water-resistant for running in the elements? Looking for a durable, bounce-free running belt so you can focus on your runs and fitness training? The Versatilo SlimFit Pro Sports Waist Pack checks all the boxes…

A COVID-19 Note

To the Fitter’s Niche Community, In consideration of the coronavirus pandemic, and the health and safety of our customers, we here at Fitter’s Niche have been reassessing and adjusting our actions, policies, procedures and protocols in order to ensure that…

Our Powerhouse ASANA CORE Yoga Strap

Visit our ASANA CORE Yoga Strap  Ergonomic Design Designed with maximum comfort, performance and effect in mind. Our premium cotton woven webbing offers a firm and comfortable grip that minimizes accidental slippage and injuries. With its sturdy and durable nature, its perfect for helping you hold and deepen your pose or posture safely,…

The Ultimate Elastic Yoga Stretch Strap for Dancers and Yogis

Build Flexibility and Stamina Our Fitter’s Niche Asana Elastic Yoga Stretch Strap is a powerhouse elastic strap that is optimally designed to help you pull off deeper stretches with greater control and supports your positions, allowing you to hold them longer than ever before. It’s the ideal prop that helps to improve…