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The Ultimate Elastic Yoga Stretch Strap for Dancers and Yogis

Build Flexibility and Stamina

Our Fitter’s Niche Asana Elastic Yoga Stretch Strap is a powerhouse elastic strap that is optimally designed to help you pull off deeper stretches with greater control and supports your positions, allowing you to hold them longer than ever before.

It’s the ideal prop that helps to improve stability, strengthen muscle control, enhance endurance and extend your range of motion. Perfect for Yoga, dance, Ballet, Warm-ups, Gymnastics, Sports, Fitness workouts, Physical Therapy and flexibility training.

Challenge Your Practice

Overcome the challenges of advance-level stretches or positions and deepen your current practice safely, confidently and effectively with this Yoga Stretch Strap.

Note: Prior to using any exercise product it is suggested that you receive a complete physical examination and obtain your physician’s approval of your exercise conditioning program. This is not a toy.

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Quality Design and Function

Made with premium, non-toxic and recyclable material that is softer, sturdier and more flexible than traditional rubber or latex exercise bands. It promises durability, reliability, comfort and ease of use.

Durable, tightly woven webbing offers a comfortable and anti-slip texture that is perfect for holding on firmly and securely as you deepen your poses, pull tightly and move through challenging positions, minimizing accidental slippage and the risk of injuries.

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Multi-Purpose and Versatile

The must-have strap improves structural alignment, enhances posture and form, strengthen muscle groups, increase flexibility, and helps with injury prevention for more extreme sports and activities.

It also helps to reduce muscle soreness and effectively relieve tension and pressure from your body.

Ideal for yogis, gymnasts, dancers, cheerleaders, athletes and more! Accommodates any level of stretching!

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Numbered Multi-Loops Design

Numbered loops design provides a hassle-free experience, and helps you monitor your progress and measure your improvements as you deepen your practice and flexibility level.

Customize your stretches with our multi-loop design! Easily adjusts your strap to various lengths needed by your yoga or stretch pose, as well as difficulty level.

Loops are easy to grip and large enough to fit most athletic shoes. Convenient and practical to use whether you decide to wear shoes or go barefoot!

elastic yoga stretch strap for physical therapy

Physical Therapy

Perfect tool for reducing muscle soreness and enhancing muscle recovery during physical therapy sessions outside or at home. Excellent for stretching muscles and lifting limbs after injury with professional guidance.