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Our Powerhouse ASANA CORE Yoga Strap

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Ergonomic Design

Designed with maximum comfort, performance and effect in mind. Our premium cotton woven webbing offers a firm and comfortable grip that minimizes accidental slippage and injuries. With its sturdy and durable nature, its perfect for helping you hold and deepen your pose or posture safely, and effectively without inconveniencing your practice.

Large Individual Loops

Individual loops are large enough to fit most athletic shoes, and perfectly versatile for a plethora of yoga poses and stretching positions. The hassle-free multi-loop design is perfect for easy adjustments of the strap as you deepen you stretches, mark your progress and advance your practice.

Recommended by Professionals

Reliable quality construction and design makes it the perfect tool to:

  • improve your flexibility, form and balance
  • Increase range of motion
  • shape and tone your muscles
  • reduce muscle soreness
  • conduct physical therapy sessions and recovery from injuries

Note: Prior to using any exercise product it is suggested that you receive a complete physical examination and obtain your physician’s approval of your exercise conditioning program. This is not a toy.

cotton yoga strap


  • Made with pure, natural, non-toxic cotton that is skin-friendly, comfortable and soft to the touch, yet firm and sturdy. Easy to clean. Designed for long-term use and made to last.
  • Does not tear easily and can withstand high levels of force and tension.
  • Allows you to pull tightly and maintain a strong grip without hurting your hands and feet.
  • Unlike nylon or polyester, our cotton strap won’t easily cut your skin after long term use, nor cause allergic reactions to your skin.


Supportive and Effective Strap:

  • Supports your poses and helps you achieve deep, controlled and personalized stretches.
  • Maximizes results in the long term, improving flexibility, balance, form, alignment and stamina.
  • Essential for helping you fix and secure a variety of stretching poses accurately, apply techniques safely while stretching your muscles and tissues correctly.
  • Reduce the risk of injuries by stretching your muscles and extend your range of motion!
  • Increase or decrease the strength and tightness of your pull to match your desired level of tension and difficulty.
  • Perfect for beginners and pros alike!


Deepen your Practice:

  • Our yoga strap supports your poses and helps to “lengthen” and “extend” your arms so you can gently pull yourself into more difficult and challenging positions.
  • With continued practice, you will soon be able to perform those challenging poses without strain and without the use of a strap.


The Ideal Yoga Aid

Where your yoga journey begins. Giving you the perfect amount of extra length to help deepen your poses effectively and safely, our yoga strap will help correct your alignment, strengthen your core, release tightness and tension in your body, relax into your posture and improve your flexibility.

More than a Yoga Strap!

Ideal for daily exercises, dance, Ballet, Gymnastic, Pilates, CrossFit, warm-ups, cool-downs, etc. Also, the perfect tool for stretching routines that targets various muscles such as quads, hamstrings, calves, arms, shoulders, back and more.   

Physical Therapy Prop

Perfect tool for reducing muscle soreness and enhancing muscle recovery during physical therapy sessions outside or at home. Excellent for stretching muscles and lifting limbs after injury with professional guidance.

Prevent Slouching and Back Pain

Are your shoulders and back in pain and stiff from sitting and working at the desk too long? Whether you’re working at home or in your office, our yoga strap is here to save the day! Simply use our yoga strap to pull your shoulders back to prevent slouching, increase circulation, relieve tension and improve posture. Can be used multiple times throughout the day if needed. Comes with a free carrying bag, so you can conveniently take your yoga strap wherever you go!