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7 Things You Can Do to Make Drinking Water More FUN!

We all know why drinking water is important and how it’s essential for our body functions, whether we are enjoying an active lifestyle or a fairly sedentary one. But for some, like us, drinking water can also be a boring chore and unappetizing task. So, here are some fun ideas and life hacks to make drinking water more interesting and FUN!

 1. Add Honey (and lemon)

Boost your water’s flavor with honey and lemon slices! Honey is a natural sweetener that is not only delicious but is also great for your digestive system. It helps to flush out toxins in your body and keeps you body weight regulated overtime. Add a slice or two of lemon as well if you want a little more zing to your honey water and benefit from the extra vitamin C.


2. Make Tea

There are hundreds of different types of tea out there to fulfill anyone’s taste buds, whether your preference lies with fruit tea, flower tea, green tea or stronger flavored tea, such as oolong. Making tea is also a great way to encourage yourself to drink more warm water instead of cold water because it improves your body circulation, helps your body relieve toxins quicker and aids in digestion.


3. Switch up your mugs and water bottles

Hey, you don’t have to drink from the same “water container” every day! Mix it up and play around! Use your favorite mug with handles today, and then break out the wine glasses the next! Try water bottles with different mouth pieces or add reusable coffee mugs with lids to your circulation! Adding variety to your “equipment” will definitely make your water drinking routine that much more interesting!


4. Drink from a reusable straw

Enjoy the convenience of drinking from a straw from time to time! Avoid the disposable plastic straws and invest in a pack of reusable straws that are easy to clean. Not only will this add excitement to your task of water drinking, but it will also help you save money and save the planet in the long run.


5. Drink Carbonated Water

If you enjoy fizzy soft drinks, drinking carbonated or sparkling water is a healthier way to do so, without all that extra sugar (and guilt).


6. Add Ice Cubes

There’s nothing better than the feeling of drinking ice cold water on a hot summer’s day. So, add some ice cubes to you glass of water and enjoy that refreshing chill! Make it even more fun by freezing organic juice and add ice blocks of juice to your cup.  


7. Water Bottle with Hook or a Hydration Fanny Pack

Keep your water bottle easily accessible at all times by investing in a water bottle with hook, or a hydration fanny pack with a water bottle holster. We’d suggest our Fitter’s Niche Hydration Fanny Pack. If you have your water bottle with you at all times, you won’t forget to take that refreshing sip of water!

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There are lots ways to keep you entertained and motivated to keep up with the necessary daily intake of water. What are your tips and tricks to make drinking water a fun thing to do? Please let us know, we’re looking forward to hearing about them!