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ASANA CORE™ Yoga Exercise Strap for Stretching


430 ratings

 $ 24.99
  • Premium Cotton
  • 10 Loops for different practice level
  • Wide Comfy Grip 
  • Easy to Carry
  • Strongly made
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This wrap has helped me a lot
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?This wrap has helped me support my back after I hurt it trying to lift too heavy. I actually have used it also to strap ice packs to my back as well. It's light and breathable, has moisture wicking properties, and flexible enough to not be too uncomfortable to wear all day underneath my clothes. I can't speak for the other things it can be used for such as after surgery, so I would talk to a doctor, but I can say it has helped me to support my back along with stretching and applying ice. I would recommend this for any of those reasons.
Improved flexibility
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?I liked that this item was very sturdy and has varied size loops. This allows for stretching and adjustments to stretch other parts of the body like thighs, arms, etc. The length of the straps also helps in allowing for more varied stretches and reaches. I also like that the product comes with a guide book that helps guide you through stretches you might not thought of. I thought this was helpful in helping me reach no areas and points to improve flexibility and help master use of the stretch straps. The carrying pouch is a nice touch to finish off the product to make it easy to carry around!
thumbs/leg up!
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i have used it over four weeks now, it??s sturdy and still a nice soft cotton fabric. i definitely think cotton is better than polyester or other plastic fabrics that other comparable strechting straps are made of. i??m 6?? and the length of the strap works well for all the strechting that i do. again, what i love most is that it??s made of cotton. and the yellow/greenish color looks great too. very happy with it.
Sturdy strap that is comfortable to hold
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This strap is simple, yet effective. I like that it is non-stretch, and is made of cotton and 1.5 inches wide so it is comfortable to hold. I got it because I needed to do some stretching exercises for my shoulder and back, and this is great for controlled movement/stretching and provides tension. It feels sturdy and the loops are stitched firmly through the strap. It comes with a guide book with sample stretches and a simple drawstring bag to hold the strap.
D. Pintar
D. Pintar
A must have for every fitness level
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Out of all my fitness equipment over the years, I can't believe I didn't have this. The loops are spaced just right and the overall length is perfect. The extra stretch that it allows you to make seems to come out of nowhere. Even if you are not flexible or cannot reach to make a stretch, this strap will help you to begin your journey to becoming more flexible and mobile. Everyone should have this. The company shipped same day and it arrived quickly.


  • Premium Ethically Sourced Cotton. Comfortable and soft, yet firm and sturdy. Designed to withstand high levels of force and tension when pulled from various directions simultaneously, so that you feel supported as you move deeper into your poses.
  • Extra-long at 6.6 ft, or 80 inches long, and 1.5 inches wide. Intentionally designed for a comfortable, non-slip grip as you tighten and pull. Easily increase and decrease the strength and tightness of your pull to adjust to your desired level of difficulty.
  • Non-elastic Yoga Strap is ideal and essential to fixing and securing your stretching positions in order to reach maximum results in the long term. It gives you the extra support you need to hold your stretching positions more accurately so that you can stretch your muscles correctly and safely.
  • Multiple loops made to fit your hands and feet perfectly and comfortably as you move through a plethora of poses to stretch various muscles of your body.
  • Deal for stretching and exercising, rehabilitation, Pilates, dance, warm-ups, and gymnastics whether you are a beginner or a pro.
  • Free Portable Bag and Tutorial Guide so you can get stretching anywhere, anytime.


  • 1x Cotton Yoga Strap
  • 1x EVA Eco-Friendly Bag
  • 1x Warranty Card
  • 1 x Free Downloadable Instructional Tutorial Guide to help you get started

Califorina Prop 65 Warning WARNING:

*Please DO NOT modify our product or parts of it in any shape or form
*Please keep away from the fire, or corrosive liquid.
*Please keep away from kids under 6 years old.
*Use accordingly and responsibly, following specialist’s instructions.
*It is not a toy and can be a choking hazard. Keep out of children’s reach


  • Hand wash in cold water
  • Spot clean

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